A common Wednesday

Sometimes we just want to nature. So on Wednesday we took some fast food after work and went straight to Tyresta National Park. We were all alone in the parking lot and it was dark when we arrived but it was a starry night . We went to our usual place, fireplace at Bylsjön and made a bonfire. There, we enjoyed some hot chocolate and some sandwiches and then went home.

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Winter wonderland

Yesterday we cleaned and prepared for the first Sunday of Advent.
When we were done, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Tyresta National Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery now that the snow has arrived.

It was a lot of snow and some branches had fallen on the walkway.

The view of Bylsjön

We had planned to go around Bylsjön and had coffee with us in thermoses but at Bylsjön we met two gentlemen who made a bonfire. So there we got stuck while darkness fell. One of them had a Bushbuddy which I have not seen before.

Well after we had stayed there for a while we decided to go back the way we came. When we were back in the parking lot, we saw a couple who missed the bus so we drove them into town.

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Silent hike in Hellasgården

Time with SL från T-centralen: 25 minutes
Hike: Around Damtorpsjön
Food: At Hellasgården

The easiest adventure with everything you could wish for with beautiful scenery and convenient facilities and adventure activities available on Hellasgården.
Last Sunday we went out there to enjoy nature.
It was quite calm and quiet.

It is also a fantastic place to kayak or fish. We saw several who kayaked.

Some was out walking with there baby.

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Christmas feeling at Skansen

Wonderful Skansen has a Christmas market at Bollnästorget every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas.

In the old houses, they have laid out old traditional Christmas dinner from different ages and different places in Sweden.

In several places there are Swedish musicians who play old Swedish folk music.

In one of market stalls were Klässbol linen weaving. There was a runner that I just had to buy.

If you are in Stockholm for the next weekend do not miss this.

We finished in the cafe tram. A real nice day for an easy adventure!

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Fjäderholmarna – Stockholms closest archipelago

A few days ago we went to the island Fjäderholmarna. It was Swedish summer weather and a lot of people waiting for the boat. We missed the first one when it got full only ten people in front of us, but then we where first on the next boat. It’s a short journey with a beautiful boat.

We arrived just at lunch time and had lunch at Röda villan. Really good food.

No cookies for us but they looked good.

On the island there are different things to see for example an old boat museum with boats from the archipelago.

There are also a lot if handicrafts.

And if you want to try some swedish whiskey here is your chance. With the brand Mackmyra.

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Bathing and windsurfing in Saltsjöbaden


If you have some spare time you should take the train from Slussen to Saltsjöbaden. There are a lot of beautiful architecture and old houses.



If the weather is good you can rent windsurfing equipment or if you are a beginner you can take a course.
And if you don’t want to go windsurfing you can bath at the beach or from the cliffs at Erstaviksbadet, your choice. It is also a very good place to run. For example, you can take the bus 401 from from Slussen to Hellasgården and then follow the markings “Blue or green” to Solsidan in Saltsjöbaden, about 10 km. Watch out in the beginning so you follow the right marks! Then you take the little train back to Slussen.

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Enjoying the sun att Stockholm archipelago

One of the best sunbathing places in Stockholm Archipelago are the cliffs at Oxnö. It is still cold in the water but the sun is warm.

Beautiful view!

First Swedish strawberries for this season.

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There are many outdoors stores in Stockholm where you can find a lot, but at Norrlandsgatan the brand stores are located. Here you can find Haglöfs, Norröna, Salomon, Hestra and The North face. Haglöfs is a Swedish brand and we think there clothes and equipment are both practical and good looking.
We went in there today just looking but you wanted to buy the whole shop.

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A summer tourist activity you must do – Visit Vaxholm

Every summer when it is good weather we go to Vaxholm. Very often we also bring Peters parents to this beautisful summer city. Last weekend it was very good weather so we took our car and drove to Vaxholm.

We parked our car and started to walk to Lena Linderholms gallery. She is very good artist and my mother in law have a lot of her things.

You can eat icecream or some good fish here.

and  you can enjoy the closeness to  the swedish archipelago

You can visit also visit the Vaxholm fortress that has defened Sweden against the danish and russians long time ago.

This Youtube is in Swedish but look at the beautiful pictures

You can gome to Vaxholm either by car or one of the boats. There are to different boat companys that can bring you out to the archipelago. Klick on one of the boats to enter their page.

It is so beautiful here!

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WC hockey

WC hockey start this week in Stockholm. I have been to several tournaments and seen what it takes to make a tournament. Therefore, I registered as a volunteer will assist the driver during the week. Today, I run a legendary Soviet goaltender in 1980 but he elected to go with the embassy transportation. Tomorrow I’m back at work and to learn more about the A-train for the airport.

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