After work walk

Today Peter picked me up at Stockholm Central Station five thirty. I had low blood sugar (no food after 12 o’clock) so I bought a smoothie and then we could start walking. At first I thought we would go home by the Old town and then along Götgatan. But Peter asked if I would go along Norr Mälarstrand and then the bridge Västerbron to Södermalm and then home. With blood sugar raised no problems 🙂

We started walking and it was still light outside, we passed Stockholm City hall and the boots that goes to the Viking island Birka.

The walk along Norr mälarstrand is a very good running place and we met a lot of runners.

We came to Rålambshovsparken. They have a realy nice playing area for small and “big” kids, such as


when it grew dark, we could enjoy the beauty of light from Stockholm

Stockholm is beautiful!

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  1. Lena Ohlander says:

    Härligt Nina att du tar upp denna minst sagt, aktuella fråga, en självklarhet kan tyckas att kläderna ska passa på den egna kroppen, men så är inte fallet. Frågan är väckt och nu är det processen som förhoppningsvis ska leda till storlekar för alla. Ett led i jämställdhetsprocessen…/ Lena

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