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First ride for this year

Today was the first real spring rain during the day, well I think there was a little snow also but I tried not notice. I was back home from work at six and had some too ea. Peter and the kids went to the public bath, Eriksdalsbadet and I brought down my mountainbike. I really love this bike, Continue reading

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What is the best parts of Stockholm?

What are the most characteristics of Stockholm, and what should not be missed during a visit to Stockholm as a tourist? Well for a tourist It is common to see the Vasa Museum and Skansen, but there is much more … Continue reading

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Running around Brunnsviken

I and Albin have been on a weekend trip in my parents summer cottage in S:t Anna archipelago. Once back home I took my running shoes for a jog with a friend. We started at Norr tull and into the … Continue reading

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The birds sings goodnight tonight.

You now the magic moment a summer night when it gets dark and it gets colder. The moisture in the air turns to dew and the birds sings goodnight. This evening when I was out running it felt like that. … Continue reading

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After work walk

Today Peter picked me up at Stockholm Central Station five thirty. I had low blood sugar (no food after 12 o’clock) so I bought a smoothie and then we could start walking. At first I thought we would go home by the Old town and then along Götgatan. But Peter asked if I would go along Norr Mälarstrand and then the bridge Västerbron to Södermalm and then home. With blood sugar raised no problems 🙂 Continue reading

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Running along Sörmlandsleden

Today it’s 7 degrees outside, perfect temperature for a run. We took the metro from Skanstull to Gullmarsplan and then buss 873 to Nyfors. Continue reading

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Evening walk

Tonight we went on a evening walk along the trail Monteliusvägen. Here you have one of the best views over Stockholm and the trail is situated over Söder Mälarstrand. On our way back we past Södermalmstorg and saw a outdoor … Continue reading

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Saturday morning, best morning

How is the best way to start a Saturday morning?? I know what I think but today i followed Nina what she loves to do in a Saturday morning. I tried yoga for my first time ever and i think … Continue reading

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Spring in Stockholm

Today it was Friday and after lunch we had a couple of hours spending in the archipelago. We usually go to Gålö in the the summertime and today it was a good day to see one of our favourite islands. … Continue reading

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Cross country skiing around Stockholm castle

Today we rode to the castle where it was cross country skiing World Cup race. There were many visitors around the castle and the race was exciting. As usual, won Marit Björgen women’s finals while another Norwegian won the men’s … Continue reading

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