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This blog is about our family’s activities in the Stockholm area.
We are:

Peter Peter Bergström
I have lived in Stockholm for 14 years and still find new places to visit. I’ve always been intrested in outdoor activities and when I was little, I learned all of Sweden’s mountain by heart.
I work as a firefighter, which also gives me the opportunity to be outdoors a lot.


Nina Bergström.
I never thought I would move to Stockholm and now I live here and love it. I am trained Outdoor Guide but my usual work as fire protection engineer takes all my time. Instead, I try to be outdoors as much as possible in my spare time. I love to run and climb. My favourit place in Stockholm is Tyresta Nationalpark.

AlbinAlbin Bergström
Albin know all importent places in Stockholm. He likes traveling and he likes beeing in the wildernes and in citys. He use to help people find their ways on Stockholm central station. Skansen is his favorite place in Stockholm, with it’s ancient buildings and Café Pettisan.


Lina Bergström
Lina has a lot of energi, she explore the city in different ways. She love dancing and all kind of movements. She did her first night in -15 degrees C last winther. And she wants to do it again, soon.



Dimma is a Portuguese Water Dog and follows us everywhere.

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