Nimis and Arx

Are you in Northwest of Skåne and have a few hours left. Travel to Himmeltorpsgården

Then hike down to Nimis och Arx. It’s a great little adventure and suits both big and small children. It’s preferable if the children are secure on there feet’s because it’s very steep at some places.

When you climb down to Nimis och Arx

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Easy adventure, hike with our baby


Because our baby is only 2 months right now we try to figure out how to hike with him. We have bought a manduca baby carrier and so far he have nerver cried in it.
Today it was summer weather here in the Swedish mountains and we choosed to hike on a trail between Vålådalen -Nulltjärn and Stensdalen. The trail followed a river and we hiked 6 kilometers to a bridge that crossed the river then we hiked the same way back
We stopped on one of the beautiful places and we both took a swim in the water. It was very refreshing and it was great. I nursed our baby and tried to protect him from the mosquitoes. Now we are back in the apartment in Åre and will soon enjoy dinner.


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The feeling of being a tourist in your own town


We often love the feeling of being a tourist in our own town.  Is easy for us to just walk from Södermalm to Stockholm city.
Look at all the people and breathe in the atmosphere in Old Town. Watch the royal guard at the castle or trying to decide witch restaurant we should try next.


Dreaming of flying a balloon over the city with friends or walking in to a little store with seafood.

We can do this many times because we love our town.

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Adventure week in Värmland and Norway

Last week Peter had planned an adventure/training week in North Värmland, Jotunheimen, Oslo and a little bit of the swedish westcoast.

Here are some pictures from the trip. Klick on the picture for bigger view

Torsby ski tunnel

Ski rental Torsby ski tunnel



Rollerskiing and Skating at Hovfjället



Sleeping in a tent buy a beutiful lake.



Värmlands highest mountain and the travel to Jotunheimen


On the top of Granberget

Fantastic weather, dont want to sit in a car...

Cows on the road

Soon at Spiterstulen




On the way up Galdhøpiggen

On the way up Galdhøpiggen

On the way up Galdhøpiggen

Soon up Galdhøpiggen

Walking in the snow, Galdhøpiggen

On the top of Galdhøpiggen


On the top of Galdhøpiggen

Dimma on the top of Galdhøpiggen

The house on the top of Galdhøpiggen

View on the top of Galdhøpiggen

Somehow there was a Rignes in my bag... /Nina

Relaxing on the top of Galdhøpiggen

A lot of people on the way up of Galdhøpiggen, Glittertind in the background.

A lot of people on the top of Galdhøpiggen

On the way down from Galdhøpiggen

Nina and Dimma (

Peter and Dimma, Glittertind in the background.

On the road again

View from the car.

Swimming in the cold glacier water

Lake in Norway.

In Oslo and at Holmenkollen


Holmenkollen, Peter is rollerskating


Swedish westcoast


Dimma swimming at Saltö

Dimma at Saltö

Seafood in Grebbestad

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The inn at Though City, Tofino

The most intresting hotel I’ve ever visit is “The Inn at Though City”
After vi stayed at Maczkenzie beach resort and camped in our Hilleberg tent in the rain, and you could say that the standard of the resort was not the best, even that we camped.
Then we went out for the “Hot spring tour” and we hadn’t booked a place to sleep for the night. When we came back we choosed the place that looked most intresting and that was “The inn at Though city”

We talked to the owner during the evening and he told us that he built the house 14 years ago with just recykled materials. On the ceiling over the bar he had all these labels.


The room was ok, the view beautiful, the sushi good and a lot of interesting stuff.. But in the summertime you will probably have to book this place a long time before your arrival.

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A long long walk

Yesterday when I got home from my night shift Peter and I went out for a long walk in the sun. Really nice weather. I think it took about seven hours with tvo stops. Here on my funbeat page you can find the walk.

Just outside our home at Årstaviken, South Södermalm.

View between Södermalm and Långholmen

Here crashed a fighter plane during a show in 1990.

Playground for the small kids at Rålambshovsparken

And bouldering for the big kids, maybe you?

Dimma laying on a lion.

We bought cheese in a cheese shop on Kungsholmen, Winja’s oskällare at Bergsgatan 26.


Stadshuskällaren, here you can eat Nobel dinner.

Then we went to a dog friendly cafe called Coffee and friends at Dalagatan 54.

Peter lived in Vasastan just when moved to Stockholm. Right next to the gate that he lived in, it has opened an outdoor store that we have not been inside yet. Unfortunately not this time either because it was Easter closed.


At Kungsträdgården

Götgatan, soon home.

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The Swedish soul

This commercial hits right in the Swedish soul. Text from a Swedish old poet, a new interpretation of one of Sweden’s most popular bands and Volvo. We actually test drove this car when we were up in Sälen. Really nice to drive!

Here you have the whole song with lyrics in English.

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Still snow in Tyresta nationalpark

Well we have a lot to do at home but the sun is shining and there are only a few late winter days like this. So ofcourse we went to Tyresta.
Still a lot of show and icy but fantastisk weather.

Peters sister and brother of law came with us.
Peter with his sister.



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Waiting for the warmth

Spring is here but it’s still very cold but it’s perfect weather for Nordic skating. We haven’t tried because you can’t bring your dog but look on this site for more information.

Even if it’s cold it’s fantastic spring weather, Blue sky and the sun is shining so you need your sunglasses. Here is som pics from this mornings dog walk. I call them waiting for spring. Click on images for larger view.

Boats waiting for activities.

Out outdoor gym att Eriksdalsbadet a little bit icy but it works.

The outdoor bath open May 20.

First snowdrops for this year.

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A day around Norr Mälarstrand

Today, both Peter and I have a day off, or rather, I’ve just been working night and Peter will work tonight. Stockholm has had fantastic winter weather so we took the opportunity to take a long walk along Götgatan, through the old town and candy store, along Norr mälarstrand, over the bridge and along Årstaviken home. Here are som beautiful pictures of our day.



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