What are the most characteristics of Stockholm, and what should not be missed during a visit to Stockholm as a tourist? Well for a tourist It is common to see the Vasa Museum and Skansen, but there is much more to see. Stockholm as a city has more to offer and if I should rank the three best places in Stockholm, it is:

1: The alleys of the old town off the tourist routes. Here you can enjoy the architecture and the narrow alleys. If you want, follow the ghost walk.

2: Stockhkolm archipelago. The nearest island is Fjäderholmarna which offers restaurants, the rocks of the sea and crafts.

3: Tyresta National Park. 15 -20 min south of the city lies the wilderness with animals, including moose. Here you can walk on trails from the subway or you can get here by bus.

Stockholm is built between the sea and the lake on 14 islands. Every district has its own idenditet with different architectures. Södermalm is an old work neighborhood that previously was very poor. Today it is trendy with lots of cafés and restaurants.

Use the elevator to get to the restarunt up in skybaren on Götgatan and you get the city’s best views. The view is panoramic and the drinks delicious. Go for a walk along Götgatan and further into the SOFO and make bargains in the small stores. If it’s hot you should go on to Årstaviken and take an evening swim.

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