Spring in Stockholm

Today it was Friday and after lunch we had a couple of hours spending in the archipelago. We usually go to Gålö in the the summertime and today it was a good day to see one of our favourite islands. The temperature was perfect for the month and the ice was gone.

After walking around, we went to Dalarö, a small village were the ferry’s goes to anther places in the archipelago. We had a coffee and icecream at the Strand hotel and it tasted really good.

I recommend a least a day trip to the islands around Stockholm if you visit Sweden. And nowadays you can bee alone in the nature you cant in the summer.

Our card “Tast Stockholm” took us to a dinner in Hammarby Sjöstad in a restaurant called Bistro Sjöstad. We had a great time there and it was our 7th restaurant in 4 weeks we tried. The atmosphere in the area Hammarby sjöstad is very calm and its newly built area and its near the water wherever you are.

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