A summer tourist activity you must do – Visit Vaxholm

Every summer when it is good weather we go to Vaxholm. Very often we also bring Peters parents to this beautisful summer city. Last weekend it was very good weather so we took our car and drove to Vaxholm.

We parked our car and started to walk to Lena Linderholms gallery. She is very good artist and my mother in law have a lot of her things.

You can eat icecream or some good fish here.

and  you can enjoy the closeness to  the swedish archipelago

You can visit also visit the Vaxholm fortress that has defened Sweden against the danish and russians long time ago.

This Youtube is in Swedish but look at the beautiful pictures

You can gome to Vaxholm either by car or one of the boats. There are to different boat companys that can bring you out to the archipelago. Klick on one of the boats to enter their page.

It is so beautiful here!

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