Adventure in Paradise – Paradiset

Today we took with us Peter’s parents and his sister with her family to Paradiset. Here is a map.

It’s been really April weather in Stockholm with alternating sun and heat, or snow and wind, but today the sun was shining and the snow was still there.
We took two cars to the starting point near the lake Ådran.

Albin and Lina ran around with their cousins at the same age and had a great time.
In Sweden, we usually grill sausage, but we also took with us fillet of pork, potato salad, etc.

In anticipation of good glow Lina carved a boat of bark
We would have stayed on a previous grill because it was blowing so much where we were but we did not know before.

We plan to take with us Peter’s sister and family on a long hike with overnight stay in the summer time.

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