Evening walk from Björkhagen and up on Hammarbybacken

Peter is working this Saturday and I am home alone. I have been spending the whole day running around down town in different stores. But if you have a dog you also have to let your dog have a meaningful life. So we took the metro to Björkhagen witch is the easiest way to come out in the outdoor, just 5minutes ride and then we started to walk against Hammarbybacken. You almost can’t believe you are so close to the city. Winter is still holding it’s grip over Stockholm and you can still find a little snow which Dimma enjoying very much. Soon it will be earth hour in Stockholm. I will go to Monteliusvägen. From here you have the best view of Stockholm and then I will go home and light a candle.

In November there is a race called Hammarby Alpine marathon. You go up and down about 22 times. I guess some would call does who to this for idiots but I admire them much.

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