Vasaloppet on TV!

The city of Stockholm is deserted for everyone is home watching Vasaloppet on television. Nah not really, but for all Swedes that do not have the possibility to go but who enjoy cross country skiing is probably banged in front of the TV and follow the start and the battle for first place.

This is from the start today in -15 degrees..

Vasaloppet was first run in 1922, inspired by a run by King Gustav Vasa in year 1520. It is the oldest, one of the longest, and in popular consideration the biggest cross-country ski race in the world.

The week preceding Vasaloppet is known as Vasaloppet week. Races held during this week include:

  • KortVasan (short – 30 km)
  • TjejVasan (ladies – 30 km)
  • HalvVasan (half – 45 km)
  • UngdomsVasan (9-16 years old) (3-9 km)
  • Öppet spår (non-competitive 90 km)
  • StafettVasan (relay 90 km)
  • SkejtVasan (free technique 30 km and 45 km).
  • Vasaloppet (90 km)

I did “Öppet spår” two years ago, a fantastic experience.

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