Winter break at Tyresta national park

In Stockholm all kids have “winter break” from school this week and on Wednesday we went to Tyresta Nationalpark. Tyresta nationapark is one of our favourite places in Stockholm.

We brought hamburgers, hot chocolate, coffee, knife, matches and most important; good mood. Albin and Lina wanted to ski with Albins cross country skiis, they fit both. When we arrive it’s cloudy but Peter tells us that the sun will shine at lunch time. The path is icy and it’s not possible to ski but we carried them with us if it would be more snow further into the forest.

Our usual place are at the campfire at Bylsjön but today we went further and to the lake Årsjön.
have recently improved the windshields and the one at Årsjön looks really good. When we arrived the sun burst and we made a fire. While we waited for it to be great glow, we played some games:
– Catch as many trees in 20 seconds.
– Throwing pine cones in a circle
– Go ten meters as close to a minute as possible.
– Trow five pieces of wood and hit some other pieces
Peter and Albin won.


On our way back it was possible to ski a little and Albin and Lina took turns to go. We went through Tyresta village and visited the Visitor Centre – Naturum.

Travel to Tyresta by metro and bus:
1. Metro green line sough direction. Alight at Gullmarsplan.
2. Bus 807 from Gullmarsplan towards Brandbergens centrum. Alight at Brandbergens centrum.
3. Bus 807 connects to: Bus 834 from Brandbergens centrum towards Svartbäcken Tyresta by. Alight at Tyresta by.

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